November’s full moon is known as the Beaver Moon. As Beaver’s prepare for winter this moon is symbolic of our ability to be the architects and creators of our own life.

This is also the last full moon before winter. Giving us an extra push of motivation to create action and transformation in our lives.

It’s time to push and finish any goals you set for this year. Go after that final burst of action to hit your goals.

It’s also time to consider what areas of your life you need to create dams in. What can you shore up that’s stealing your energy? Sapping your creativity or bringing you down?

Let’s plug those holes so we can fill our waterbanks and energy stores with positive energy.

The Beaver Moon brings with it many spiritual meanings that we can reflect on.

Here are some areas to reflect and journal on:

  • Consider what you want to release and cleanse from your life
  • Reflect on what you need protection from and where you can shore up those dams
  • Prepare for the winter and new year by considering what you would like to transform in your life
  • Share empathy with yourself and others. This is a vulnerable time of reflection and transformation

The Beaver Moon is a great time to banish and let go of anything that’s no longer serving you.

Steps for a Banishing Ritual:

  • Reflect on any fears, negative thoughts, worries or baggage that’s holding you down like an anchor
  • Write down on a piece of paper everything you are willing to let go of
  • Write down what you would like to replace those fears, thoughts and worries with
  • Under the full moon find a safe space outside to burn your piece of paper

Banishing rituals are powerful. They allow us to process what we are ready to let go of. And in burning it we are letting it go. Giving it to the universe. Saying to ourselves and the world what we want instead.

Give it a try. I would love to hear what you are banishing and how this goes for you if you give it a try. Please add a comment below.

Write a Petition of Intention:

Take your banishing ritual a step further. Consider writing out your intentions for the winter and new year.

Write down everything you want to co create. What it will feel like and look like when it happens. Be specific on what the experience will be like.

Write down when you’d like to experience it. Write down how letting go of everything will help you get to these new goals and desires.

I like to begin with a letter to my spiritual guides, God and the universe. It might go something like this…

Dear Grandmother, Butterfly Spirit, God, Universe,

I am releasing all my fears to you. I am letting go of my worries. I am surrendering to any areas of my life where I am trying to force my agenda. I trust that you are here to guide me to my best co-creation in this life.

I am ready for winter. Ready to rest. To breathe in fresh perspective, fresh ideas and new life. I know only good things are coming my way. New lessons to learn. New teachers. More abundance.

I am co-creating The Butterfly Rodeo. A space where my fellow butterflies can blossom, transform and step into their power. A container of safety, growth and community. A circle at the campfire where we can share love, vulnerability and truth. I know my butterflies are migrating to me. In their perfect timing. To create this beautiful circle of transformation and growth.

I see this blossoming in June of 2022 and continuing to grow in a constant growing ripple. The power of community and transformation will only continue to ripple through circles of communities. Catching like wildfire as it spreads.

Thank you for helping me build this powerful community. I am so excited to see it come to life!



What Will You Transform?

As you reflect on this new season and new moon, what intention are you setting? What are you trying to let go of? To transform?

And what are you ready to co create with the universe?

I want to hear from YOU.

Please share and comment below.

And if you are stuck, please reach out to me at I am here for you butterflies.