This past winter you planted your seeds for this spring. Now it’s time to simply be that vision.

Visualize those seeds sprouting into beautiful masterpieces. Know that you are doing everything in exactly the right timing for your journey.

Be present. Sit with this knowing. And as you sit with what you are co creating in this world, how does it feel?

As you walk through life being YOUR vision, how are you showing up? Who are you showing up as? What is the essence of this bold, powerful and present you?

This month I want you to practice this alongside me. Practice being your vision. Embody those seeds you’ve planted. Know that great things are here and there’s more to come.

Lean into your vision. Even when life throws you speedbumps. Know that you are creating something amazing for you and for this world.

I would love to hear from you butterflies. What are you creating? What vision are you being?

Comment below.