Darling UR Brilliant and That Is No Bull!

What is it?

A magical place where you recognize your chrysalis (i.e. your butterfly cocoon). A safe space where you can discover, transform and grow.

My Invitation to YOU…

You get to be aware of what you want to create in your life & access your dreams.

The chrysalis can be uncomfortable at times. But the beauty that is manifested in this transition is extraordinary.

You get to Trust. Let your Heart guide you as you migrate through your passion purpose.

The Barn and Some Reflection Questions

The Barn can be a safe shelter.

As you nest inside the barn, here are some questions to reflect upon.

    • No Bull, what is the bull that shows up in your life?
    • How does it run you, do you allow it to keep bucking you off your path.
    • Are you co-conspiring, dancing with vibrancy, your bull, do you choose to thrive?
    • In the rodeo of life, do you keep getting bucked off your path?
    • Are you going deep within your chrysalis?
    • Are you manifesting the life of your dreams?

Call to Action

I believe that when we step into this space together, we manifest and co-create each other’s visions/chrysalis.


This is where Cowgirls & transformation in your life grow together.

After all “Darling UR Brilliant and that’s no Bull!”

Circle up ButterFlies Spring into action!

 I Want to Hear From My Butterflies


What action are you taking today? And what is your vision that you are manifesting?

The more we share, the better we can support one another.

Comment below.