As we head into the fall and the countdown to Fall Equinox is upon us, it’s an important time of reflection.

Fall is a time of harvest….spiritually and into our physical essence.

What are you harvesting this fall? What seeds did you plant this spring that are about to manifest into reality?

Time to evaluate what you could have done better. Time to assess what you are about to harvest. And time to be still.

I have put together some questions for you to sit in stillness with. To meditate on. And to journal about.

Reflection Questions:

  • Are you still doubting yourself?
  • Do you continue to talk yourself out of what you want to create in your life?
  • Is it time?
  • Will you have an impact & make a difference?
  • What can you do differently today?


NOW is your time to shine. To stop asking for permission. To turn up the volume on YOU.

Time is running out…..what are you waiting for?

Are you Ready?

Damn right you are!!!  Stop the doubting.

Take action today. Action that helps you expand, grow, love and give back.

You get to allow yourself, you get to love YOU. You get to be in love with you & your dreams!

That’s no bull malarkey!

“Can’t”, never did a damn thing for any of us. Remove that word from your vocabulary and mindset. Replace it with “possibility” and “yes I can”.

I know you can!

I Want to Hear From You

And I am here to support you, butterflies.

What are you manifesting? What are you harvesting?

And what are you letting go of this fall equinox?

How can I support you in your journey?

Life is NOW, you get to have the life you Dream!

Wake up…