As we head into the month of December, I want to share how you can get the most from this season. On December 18 we will experience what is known as the cold moon.

Every moon has a different invitation for us to reflect and grow. This moon in particular provides us with a special invitation.

As we prepare for the Cold Moon, know that this is time for reflection, development, change, peace and reawakening.

The cold moon invites you to visualize what you want to bring into your life next year. If you take the time to visualize what you will manifest next year, you will go far.

This is deeper work than setting goals or resolutions. And this is the perfect time to do that deeper work.

As everything begins to freeze over and things begin to appear “dead”, remember this is a time of rest, renewal and hope. Look deeper within and you will find an invitation to rest.

When we are in a place of restedness and groundedness this is the perfect time to visualize.


How to Get the Most From the Cold Moon:

1. Build rituals for rest and reflection

What are some new rituals you can build this season to renew your energy banks? How can you build in more rest and space for reflection?

Consider starting your morning with a longer than usual meditation. After your meditation, consider spending time in visualization. Visualize what you want to manifest in your life.

What seeds are you planting for 2022? What joys are you harvesting next year? Visualize this with all of your senses. How it feels, smells, sounds, looks and lands in your intuition.

Take the time to journal and reflect on what came up.

Be spacious with this time. Don’t rush it. Enjoy this time and space. Make it sacred.

2. Slow Down & Practice Mindfulness

This season is known for the rush. Everyone is in a hurry to get to that next event. To go shopping for that last gift.

Opt out of the hustle and bustle. Choose to be present. Be in the moment. Enjoy every single breath you take. Every single moment you spend with a loved one.

As you eat your meal, reflect on where it came from. The farmers who grew the ingredients. The drivers who transported them. The earth for growing them. This is a great way to take a simple experience like eating and turn it into a mindful moment. To remind yourself to reflect and be grateful.

Try creating practices like this and embed them into your daily routine. As you do this, you will find yourself more joyful, peaceful and stress free.

The best gift we can offer someone is our presence. Truly being there with them. Listening fully. With them in mind, body and spirit. This has become a rare experience. Choose to give your loved ones the gift of your presence.

It sounds easy but it is challenging for most. This means you can’t be thinking about that next thing. You can’t be distracted by your phone. You can’t be thinking of that next thing you will say.

It means holding neutral space. This means no judgment, no expectation and no agenda. But when done well, it creates magical moments. Moments of connection and healing.

3. Practice a Forgiveness Ritual

As you reflect, is there someone or something you need to forgive? Something you want to let go of?

Identify what you are wanting to heal or let go. One ritual you can try is lighting a seven day candle. You can buy these online easily.

Light the candle with the intention of healing one specific thing. Every day as you see the candle, reflect on letting go or forgiving. And think of what you want to replace that letting go with?

If you are forgiving a person, what do you want instead of that anger? Are you replacing it with love?

If you are letting go of an old belief or habit, what do you want to replace it with? Will you replace it with a healthy new habit? A new ritual or routine?

Each day, every time you see the candle do these things. After seven days you will find you have let that thing or person go. You will feel lighter, more energized and renewed.

Sometimes it may take more than one round of letting go. And that’s ok. Regardless, you will find yourself on the path to healing. And that’s better than where you were.

Bringing it Together

No matter which of these strategies you try out, I promise this is a magical time.

A time of transformation and deep internal work. A time to trust the universe to bring your intentions to life. A time to dive into following your passion and joy. A time to slow down and be fully present.

I want to hear from YOU.

How’s it going, butterfly?

Which of these strategies will you try? What are you transforming and visualizing for yourself in 2022?

Comment below so I can celebrate with you!