I am a Butterfly…


I show up & keep riding in this Rodeo of life. Experiencing great contrast in my childhood, my marriage, & divorce, one day I decided to get up & dust myself off. I woke up… I allowed & honored my worth. I emerged from my chrysalis. I trusted the universe to lead me.

Nowhere to turn except inspiration & creativity, I began to take recycled fabrics and collect images from around my home, my wedding & family albums. I began to create collages.

Mixed media became my story, my intuitive art. Enlightenment was leading me to endless possibilities. My metamorphosis aligned divinely. I began creating narrative collage storyboards. I pulled together the perfect ingredients, which sparked my creations, my intuitive art narratives: Freedom, Inspiration, Creative Superpower… It was such a magical time!

In sharing my collages, my hope & desire is to inspire women & spark awareness in others. With awareness there is choice, which encourages women to create, transform, & heal. What are you creating in your life?

Allow & receive your Superpower. Create magic all around you in your Butterfly Rodeo of life. “Go tell that grumpy ole bull to kiss your boots!”

One thing is for sure, Every woman gets to get her worth. She gets to create her own pair of wings and…


“Fly Baby Fly…”